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Seasons overview

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Feb 2023s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2
März 2023s2s2s2s2Sus1s1s1s1s1s1Sus1s1s1s1s1s1Sus1s1s1s1s1s1Sus1s1s1s1s1
April 2023s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Su
Mai 2023s2Sus2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s2Sus2s2s2s2s2s3Sus3s3s3
Juni 2023s3s3s3Sus3s3s3s3s3s3Sus3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3
Juli 2023s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3
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Sep 2023s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3s3Sus2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2
Okt 2023s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2
Nov 2023s2s2s2s2s2s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1s1
Dez 2023s1s1Sus1s1s1s1s1s1Sus1s1s1s1s1s1Sus1s1s1s1s1s4Sus4s4s4s4s4s4Su
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In seasons 3, 4 and 5, the minimum booking period for our apartments Wanderlust, Heimatgefühl and Heuboden is four nights; in the case of the other apartments, the minimum booking period is six nights.


Prices 2021

Saison 1Saison 2 Saison 3Saison 4Saison 5
Wanderlust€ 119€ 129€ 144€ 149€ 159
Heimatgefühl € 119€ 129€ 144€ 149€ 159
Immergrün€ 169€ 189€ 209€ 229€ 239
Lebensglück€ 139€ 149€ 159€ 179€ 189
Alpenglühen€ 129€ 139€ 149€ 159€ 169
Bergidyll€ 149€ 159€ 189€ 209€ 229
Freiheit € 129€ 139€ 149€ 169€ 179
Heuboden€ 149€ 169€ 179€ 189€ 199
Gipfelstürmer€ 169€ 189€ 209€ 219€ 229

Prices 2022

Saison 1Saison 2Saison 3Saison 4Saison 5
Wanderlust€ 119€ 129€ 154€ 159€ 169
Heimatgefühl€ 119€ 129€ 154€ 159€ 169
Immergrün€ 169€ 189€ 219€ 239€ 249
Lebnsglück€ 139€ 149€ 169€ 189€ 199
Alpenglühen€ 129€ 139€ 159€ 169€ 179
Bergidyll€ 149€ 159€ 199€ 219€ 239
Freiheit€ 129€ 139€ 159€ 179€ 189
Heuboden€ 149€ 169€ 189€ 199€ 209
Gipfelstürmer€ 169€ 189€ 219€ 229€ 239
Service bei Events im Alpengarten Alperie

Coronavirus rules

Your protection and well-being are particularly important to us and with this in view, we’d here like to provide you with information on the hygiene concept we currently use.

We are doing everything we can to make sure that your stay in the Alperie is as safe and relaxing as possible.

Coronavirus rules


We can put together the perfect package for your event. Whether you are planning it as a gift or to celebrate a special day. There is something for everyone, including our New Year’s Eve package, Valentine’s Day special and unique events such as our “Whisky Experience” and “Schliersee Experience”. We hope you enjoy browsing

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  • Rooms flooded with light in traditional style featuring wood, stone and plaster elements
  • Oiled natural oak wood flooring
  • Furniture made of local spruce and oak
  • Fully furnished kitchenette with ceramic hob, dishwasher and refrigerator
  • Cafetière, kettle, tableware and glasses
  • Bathroom with shower and WC, washbasin, towel dryer and hair dryer
  • High-speed WiFi throughout the building
  • Flat screen TV with Chromecast
  • Room safe
  • Sauna landscape with Finnish sauna and rain shower (from autumn 2021)
  • BBQ area and corner seating in the lovingly tended garden
  • Free parking spaces next to the building
  • Lockable cycle shed
  • Ski boot cellar with boot heaters


  • Your apartment comes with a supply of basic foodstuffs: our home-made Alperie wild herb salt, pepper, coffee beans from the local “Rafaels” roastery and tea varieties
  • As much toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, refuse bags and washing-up liquid as you need will be provided
  • High quality natural Alpienne brand cosmetics made using certified Alperie recipes
  • Freshly made beds with cosy bed linen
  • On request, we’ll deliver freshly baked breakfast rolls to your apartment door (order on arrival, separate charge)
  • On request, we’ll supply a selection of drinks in your refrigerator for your arrival (separate charge)

BOOKING CONDITIONS All prices are quoted for each apartment and assume occupation by two persons. Additional beds can be supplied on request.

In seasons 3, 4 and 5, the minimum booking period for our apartments Wanderlust, Heimatgefühl and Heuboden is four nights; in the case of the other apartments, the minimum booking period is six nights. Children and additional guests
The Alperie apartments are suitable for families with children. Prices for children are as follows:

Child aged 0 to 2 years I Free

Child aged 3 to 5 years I €10 per night

Child aged 6 to 16 years I €20 per night

Child aged 17 years and older/additional adult I €25 per night

click resources Dogs in the Alperie
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate dogs in the Alperie apartments.

Tourist tax
The local tourist tax is not included in our prices; it will be charged on your arrival. (Tourist tax per adult | Per night €2, per child aged 0-5 | No charge, per child aged 6-15 | Per night €1 per business travellers | per night €1).

Single occupancy
Guests who book an apartment for single occupancy will receive a discount of €20 per night.

Free, rapid WiFi is available throughout the building.

Check-in and check-out
On the day of your arrival, your apartment will be available for you from 3.00 pm. We would ask you to vacate your apartment by 11.00 am on the day of your departure.

Questions and special needs
If you have any questions, wish to enquire about offers or have any special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +49 8026 780 99 51 or by email at

Cancellation conditions
We have appropriately adjusted our cancellation conditions to allow for the fact that your stay may be prevented by new developments in the current situation; these adjustments will be valid to 23 December 2021. No fee will be payable if you cancel at least 14 days prior to the date of your planned arrival. You will be charged 90% of the booking fee if you cancel 13 days or less prior to the date of your planned arrival, arrive late or leave early.
Our normal cancellation conditions will apply to bookings for dates on and after 24 December 2021: No fee will be charged if you cancel at least 28 days prior to the date of your planned arrival. You will be charged 40% of the booking fee if you cancel 27 to 15 days prior to the date of your planned arrival; you will be charged 90% of the booking fee for a cancellation within 14 days of your planned arrival and on failure to arrive.