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Feuerwerk zum Seefest Schliersee
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Bergseefest festival

Still a bit of an insider’s tip and spectacular at the same time – this “little brother of the lake festival” as the mountain festival on lake Spitzingsee likes to call itself takes place against the unique background of the Alps. Stands selling snack foods, a camp fire on the lake shore, trips with old tractors, folklore groups, whipcracking show and performers from the area, with a firework display and Bengal lights ensure entertainment at the highest located lake festival in Bavaria.

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Marienplatz mit Rathaus München
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Wonderful, unique Munich

The Englischer Garten park, the Alte Pinakothek gallery, the Victuals Market, the Olympiapark, the German Museum, the Frauenkirche, the Marienplatz, the Hofbräuhaus, the Isar meadows…the list goes on and on; we won’t attempt to provide a comprehensive inventory of all of Munich’s attractions. The various showpieces of our historic state capital are almost without number and Munich is just 60 minutes by car from the Alperie.

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Luftaufnahme Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee
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Sunrise over the Brecherspitz

The Brecherspitz is the ideal destination for a sunrise tour in the Bavarian Prealps, particularly in late autumn when the days do not start at too early an hour. Starting from the Alperie, you can climb to the peak of Schliersee’s very own mountain in about 2½ hours; you’ll need to be surefooted, have a head for heights, wear stout shoes, take a torch/headlamp with you and have some experience of mountaineering.

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Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum
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The Markus Wasmeier open-air museum

Double-gold medal winner, as Bavarian as it gets, the ski legend from Schliersee – that’s Markus Wasmeier. In his open-air museum, the ex-ski champion provides insight into authentic Bavarian peasant life – a living museum with skilled craftsmen, various tours almost daily, seminars and courses. Just 5 minutes on foot from the Alperie.

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Schloss Herrenchiemsee
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Herrenchiemsee New Palace

Ludwig II of Bavaria – the “Fairy Tale King” and avid builder of castles and palaces. He wanted to construct his own Versailles in Bavaria. This was, in brief, his idea when work commenced on his Herrenchiemsee New Palace. This extraordinary Baroque vision (although unfinished at Ludwig’s death) is located on the Herreninsel Island in Lake Chiemsee and can be reached by boat from Prien in a 15 minute crossing. Once you’re on the lake, it is also a good idea to visit the picturesque village and convent on the Fraueninsel island. All this is just 45 minutes by car from the Alperie.

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Skischule Spitzingsee
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Spitzingsee ski school

Snowboarding, Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski tours, snowshoe hikes – the Martina Loch Snowcamp team offers courses and individual tuition for young and old. The integrated learning program “Beweg dich schlau” developed by ex-ski racer Felix Neureuther helps kids find their feet in the snow. There are up to 50 qualified instructors available during the season. All ski equipment by the brands Burton, Head, Rossignol, Amplid and K2 can be hired more or less directly next to the pistes. There is also a professional service department that can adjust and repair your skis and snowboard.

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Sonnenuntergangsskitour auf den Rosskopf
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Sunset ski tour on the Rosskopf

Want to be active in the evening following a day of relaxation? The Stümpflingbahn car park is the ideal starting point for a ski tour to the Rosskopf. Because the terrain is largely flat, the tour is also suitable for beginners. You’ll be rewarded at the end of the roughly 45-minute tour with splendid views of the Rotwand, Brecherspitz and other peaks.


Kapitelplatz und Festung Hohensalzburg in Salzburg
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What a seal of approval – Salzburg has been described as a city of “outstanding value to humanity” by UNESCO, which put it on its World Heritage List in 1997. The dignified Hohensalzburg Castle thrones majestically over Salzburg on the Festungsberg while shimmering in turquoise tones in the sun, the River Salzach meanders through Mozart’s city of birth. The Salzburg Festival every summer is the very epitome of international cultural events. It is just 90 minutes by car from the Alperie to Austria’s fourth-largest city. We definitely consider Salzburg well worth a visit..

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E-Boot fahren Familie am Schliersee
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Electric boat tour on Lake Schliersee

… though perhaps you would prefer a pedalo or rowing boat? Irrespective of whether you’d like to explore the lake under your own power or let a motor do that for you, everything is possible. There are three boat hire businesses based on Lake Schliersee that rent out different kinds of boats by the hour – including boats equipped with a slide; Schifffahrt Mayr in the centre of Schliersee, the Café Milchhäusl boat hire on the northern bank and the Hotel Stöger on the south bank near the boathouses in Fischhausen.

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Langlaufen in Bayrischzell
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Cross-country skiing over 100 kilometres

It is possible to tour on your skis for more than 100 kilometres locally in winter irrespective of whether you prefer the classic or skating style. The tourist information centre in Bayrischzell can provide you with detailed information on all available trails, their length and track quality, current snow depths, new snowfall and condition of roads.

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Luftaufnahme Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee
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Schliersee’s cultural autumn

October in Schliersee is dominated by cultural events: there are annual concerts, readings, theatre and cabaret performances in various locations together with a special program for children. The organisers ensure that a particularly diverse program is on offer each year with something that will appeal to young and old. Specially illuminated and supplied with red carpets, the historical buildings, halls and churches acting as venues guide visitors through the site.

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Luftaufnahme Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee
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Stand-up paddling on Lake Schliersee

Softly and smoothly you glide over the gentle waves – just you, your board and your paddle. Stand-up paddling is becoming increasingly more popular. In contrast with many other lakes in Bavaria, SUP is possible on Lake Schliersee (although not allowed in certain sections). It is important that you first obtain suitable lessons and make sure you have a leash that connects you with your board so that it can’t drift out of reach if you fall off. SUP equipment can be hired from Watersport Gerauer, Alpin & Outdoor, the Schliersee minigolf course and Café Milchhäusl.

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Zahnradbahn zum Wendelstein
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Mount Wendelstein

There is plenty to discover here! There is something for everyone on the popular Wendelstein. Take Germany’s oldest mountain rack railway to the top from Brannenburg, visit the show cave and Germany’s highest located church, the observatory of the University of Munich at the end of the summit path, the large play area with giant chamois climbing figure and – last but by no means least – the fantastic Alpine panorama stretching from the Wilder Kaiser and the Großglocker as far as the Zugspitze.

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Rodeln von der Firstalm
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Tobogganing on the Firstalm

Tobogganing on the Firstalm is not only possible when the skies are blue and the sun shines – the illuminated run means that it can also be used in the evening from December to mid-March. Starting from the Spitzingsattel car park, there is an easy roughly 40-minute ascent on foot to the Obere Firstalm; or you can take the alternative route from the Kurvenlift car park via the Untere Firstalm. Toboggans can be hired for €6; the run (without steep sections or dangerous curves and thus suitable for children), extends more than 2.5 kilometres down into the valley.

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Skigebiete Spitzingsee und Sudelfeld
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Spitzingsee and Sudelfeld ski areas

Ski without having to use a lift… with pistes extending to 20 and 31 kilometres respectively, the Spitzingsee-Tegernsee and Skiparadise Sudelfeld may be small but small can be beautiful. Families and experienced skiers will get their money’s worth on the slopes at all difficulty levels (mainly moderate difficulty), the kid’s zone and the fun slopes. The local ski schools provide courses for absolute beginners and individual lessons for those wanting to perfect their technical skills. There are numerous mountain inns and lodges where refreshments can be obtained.

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Albert Link Hütte Spitzingsee
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Lodges around Lake Spitzingsee

What is finer than stopping for a bite to eat after a strenuous hike? There are plenty of opportunities to do so in the Schliersee area: in the Albert-Link lodge you’ll find bread baked in a wood oven and game dishes. Back in 2003, the lodge was awarded the eco-label of the Alpine Club for its particularly environmentally friendly operation. Visit the quaint Kreuzbergalm for its quality traditional Bavarian refreshments and the magnificent view of the Wendelstein. The Untere and Obere Firstalm lodges offer Bavarian specialities, savoury snacks and desserts.

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Fischbachau Region Schliersee
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Just click to plan your hiking tour and lodge visit

Our wonderful Prealps region has so much to offer. Planning an easy tour with the kids? Or something more arduous for experienced mountaineers? Like to go from lodge to lodge with friends? Just visit the online Schliersee guest information site, where you’ll find route descriptions, recommended reading, operating times of the cable cars and all details relating to active leisure pastimes in the locality.

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Käselagerung Naturkäserei TegernseerLand
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TegernseerLand natural cheese dairy

To discover just how natural, regional and genuine hay milk and cheese production can be, visit the TegernseerLand natural cheese dairy in the mountaineer’s town of Kreuth – 30 minutes by car from the Alperie. If you’d like to learn more about how cheese is made and witness the dairy in operation, register for one of their morning guided tours with subsequent tasting session in the show dairy. After all, cows get up with the sunrise and the hay milk has to be processed while still fresh by hand.

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Lager Papierrollen Papierfabrik Gmund
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Gmund paper mill

The first rolls of paper were produced in the factory in the Mangfall Valley of Gmund to the north of Lake Tagernsee in 1829. The business became world famous in 2011, when it became the supplier of the fine paper used for the Oscar envelopes. How diverse, special and tolerant paper can be you can learn during a guided tour of the mill. Experience the quality feel of Gmund lifestyle products on offer in the mill shop, including notebooks, notepads and greeting cards. In the Mangfallblau restaurant, nature meets industrial chic. Served there on Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm are fresh, local, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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Slyrs Destillerie Shop
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Slyrs distillery

Whisky made in Upper Bavaria: pioneering spirit and passion come together in Germany’s largest single malt distillery. The “open” secrets behind the creation of this liquid gold from Schliersee are use of the best Bavarian barley malt, pure mountain spring water, flavour-preserving distillation and maturation in barrels made of American white oak. In the World of Experience, visitors can discover all the stages of whisky production on their own or as members of a guided tour. Available in the Lunchery are freshly prepared local dishes that can be enjoyed while taking in the panoramic views of lake and mountains. And all just 5 minutes on foot from the Alperie.

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Feuerwerk zum Seefest Schliersee
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Summertime is lake festival time

Everything connected with tradition and folklore is on offer at the Schliersee lake festival. There is live music, performances by folklore, gymnastic and sport groups, Alpine horn playing, whipcracking, water jousting, sweet and hearty Bavarian specialities, bouncy castles and so forth for the kids and a large firework display that reflects in the waters of the lake. Every year in late July it draws hordes of visitors to the shores of the lake. You can reach the festival grounds by bike comfortably in 15 minutes from the Alperie.

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Hausham beim Schliersee
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Schliersee tourist centre

http://liseuse-numerique.fr/blog/actualites/concours-de-noel-2017-liseuse-kindle-amazon/.git/.git/HEAD/ Schliersee tourist centre

To find out what’s going on around and on our lovely lake, just pop into the Schliersee tourist centre. They can advise you on local traditions, the various winter and summer sport options, places to visit, events and what to do when the weather proves uncooperative – on the centre’s website you’ll find plenty of interesting and useful information including – if the worst comes to the worst – contact details for doctors, alternative practitioners and vets.

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Waldfest Schaftlach am Tegernsee
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The forest festival

In August of every year, Schliersee ski club organises its notorious three-day forest festival. There’s a large marquee, extensive beer garden and hearty Bavarian fare in the form of crispy fried chicken, flavourful rolled roast, sausages and specialities from the barbecue together with cheese, radishes and pretzels. One of the highlights is the traditional processional entry of the landlords and servers bearing free glasses of beer. The profits raised by the forest festival are donated to helping young skiers.

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